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Anders Karlsson headshot

Anders Karlsson MSc

Managing Director, Elecosoft Consultec AB

Appointed in March 2017, Anders has over 23 years of business development experience. He was initially appointed as Managing Director of Consultec Byggprogram AB in August 2005 and then rejoined the Group again as the Managing Director of Elecosoft Consultec AB (Sweden) in November 2014, after a four-year session as the CEO of an international digital signage company. Working with product development, portfolio management and technical sales during his ten years within the telecom business in combination with a high focus on managing sales, marketing and brand building during the last 14 years, all in strategic management positions, Anders adds a great deal of value to the Elecosoft executive team. His skill set is continuously updated via networking in the computer science, portfolio management, marketing, sales and performance management areas.